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By harnessing innovative technology & advanced monitoring, we can elevate resident care and ease the burden on care staff.

Remote Monitoring

Maximising caregivers' efficiency through enabling remote monitoring of residents, focusing on those who require most care.

Resident Independence

Enabling residents to achieve greater independence while ensuring their safety remains uncompromised.

Solutions & Support

We are dedicated to offering solutions that promote resident independence and enhance staff productivity.

Our Modular Solution

Our platform enables remote resident monitoring, allowing caregivers to allocate their time more effectively. Additionally, it provides advanced fall prevention and detection, posture change notifications for pressure ulcer prevention, digital recording of resident vitals, and contributes to infection control efforts.

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Falls Management

The DreamsEdge smart fall sensor has been developed for fall detection and safe living. The sensors are packed with cutting-edge technology, use artificial intelligence and monitor every room.


Vitals Monitoring

Using contact-free, continuous monitoring, our Vitals module predicts and alerts on health deterioration and clinical events to assist long term care organisations.


Location Services

The DreamsEdge Real time location systems  (RTLS) are used to locate people and equipment, so workflows can be optimised.

Equipment can easily be tracked, loss of equipment can be reduced, preventive maintenance can be improved. 

Our commitment

Transforming senior care. We leverage innovative assistive technologies to empower independence, enhance well-being, and deliver exceptional support for our aging population.

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