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A contact-free, continuous monitoring solution using advanced sensors to monitor heart rate, breathing, and movement. 


DreamsEdge Vitals

The innovative platform that monitors residents
contact-free and remotely.

vitals signs monitoring
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Proactive Care Benefits

Fall Prevention

Pressure Ulcer

Heart Incident

Irregular Breathing

Improve sleep quality

Epilepsy seizure prediction 

DreamsEdge Vitals is....

dreamsedge platform
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Low Maintenance

Sits discreetly under your bed, ensuring comfort remains uncompromised. Mains power with battery backup.


Long-lasting battery, wireless charging, and auto calibration connection ensure easy placement and relocation.


Unlike pressure mats requiring frequent replacement, this

waterproof device offers long-lasting durability.


Connects via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to standard or existing network infrastructure

Plug and Play

Optionally seamless integration with your existing nurse call system, triggering alerts just like your call buttons.

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