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Using cutting-edge technology

How DreamsEdge helps

The Smart Sensor that supports you and your caregivers

Maintain independence with peace of mind.  The award-winning smart sensor sensor uses advanced AI to discreetly monitor your entire room from the ceiling. Unlike traditional cameras, it protects privacy by only transmitting stick figures. The sensor can detect falls, track activity levels, and send alerts for potential emergencies, empowering you to live a worry-free life.

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The DreamsEdge sensor

detects a fall

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DreamsEdge sends 


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The resident 

receives assistance

Falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths for older adults.  A staggering statistic: one in three adults over 65 falls each year.  Even worse, half of those who fall and are unable to get up for an hour or more face a significantly increased risk of death within six months. 

The DreamsEdge smart sensor can be a lifesaver in these critical moments.  It detects falls and immediately triggers assistance, potentially turning a dangerous situation into one where help arrives quickly.

"This is a truly smart system. It is truly useful, and I am truly excited that something likes this exists today."

Brian Read

Caring for loved ones. Protecting privacy.

Empowering Independence for Seniors and Peace of Mind for Carers

Falls, whether at home or in a facility, can significantly impact lives. Receiving swift help after a fall, or better yet, preventing it entirely, is essential. This is especially true for seniors and their caregivers. Our sensor offers immediate fall alerts, providing carers with complete peace of mind. Long periods undetected after a fall, also known as "long lies," and their potential complications become a thing of the past. The intelligent technology empowers carers to focus on providing quality care with peace of mind.

Your Discreet Partner in Safety and Wellbeing

We seamlessly blend cutting-edge AI with advanced optical sensors within a compact design. This lifesaving technology prioritises resident privacy.

stick figure

24/7 Monitoring with DreamsEdge

Falls pose a serious threat to seniors, often underestimated due to their seemingly harmless appearance.  However, falls are a leading cause of death for older adults. Traditional nurse call systems have limitations. In the event of a fall, a resident might be out of reach of the button, overcome by panic and unable to call for help, or disoriented and confused. In the worst-case scenario, they could even be unconscious.

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Falls Detection
And Prevention

Monitor falls and raises an
automatic alert

AI technology icon

AI-Powered Sensor Technology 

Privacy-focused alarm with
contactless monitoring

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Trip Hazards

Unlike fall mats, our fall detection relies on a safe, motion-based sensor


80% of the elderly fail to call for help after a fall when using  traditional fall detection systems and


Studies show that seniors who lie on the floor for over an hour after a fall, have a 50% increased mortality rate within
6 months.


While no fall detection system is perfect, DreamsEdge utilises advanced technology to effectively detect falls and initiate help notifications

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