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Location Services

Asset Tracking for Care environments


Bluetooth® Low Energy is a wireless communication technology engineered for data exchange across short distances. It operates with minimal power consumption and enables precise object location detection within a 1-3 metres accuracy range. Utilising specialised sensors known as beacons, which are deployed indoors, it facilitates tracking of resident and staff movements, medical equipment, and other various assets.

Bluetooth® finds numerous applications in healthcare settings. It serves as an efficient solution for resident tracking, indoor navigation, space monitoring, and tracking medical supplies, providing valuable insights into care facility operations on a daily basis.

dreamsedge platform

Manage assets and people in real-time

The DreamsEdge Location Services solution enables tracking of your assets and more easily finding withing your premises. Leveraging on this real-time data, you can then make staff and asset allocation plans, improve work processes and enhance the overall efficiency of your business.

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Location Services key features

Easy to install

Low cost

Enterprise security

Support & service

Flexible & scalable

Easy to use interface

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