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About Cloud Burst Australia

The Cloud Burst Group was formed in 2017 to provide cloud-based system integration services. In late 2019, realising a gap in effectively leveraging technology in the Health and Aged Care sectors, we began development of our DreamsEdge IoT-enabled SaaS solution. 


DreamsEdge's holistic multi-functional IoT-sensor includes falls management, vitals monitoring and real-time asset/people locating modules which provide passive non-contact 24/7 monitoring and alerting functionality. This is achieved using highly secure, non-wearable devices whilst providing privacy and improving the dignity and respect for patients and residents no matter where they are. No video or audio is used, using stick-figure and silhouette image visualisations to ensure anonymity. All data is stored locally to allay any data privacy and data sovereignty concerns. Our SaaS pricing model provides a rapid return on investment and can scale as required.

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